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Red Tag Tours

Take Your Red Tag Test and Get Your "License to Drill!"

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Yellow Tag Tours

Got a Red Tag? Get your Yellow Tag next!

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A Learning-Centered Machining Environment

We are open 6 days a week and have student technicians eager to assist you with your projects!

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Social Media

Check us out on Social Media!

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Tell Us How We are Doing

We always love to get feedback.

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Mustang '60 & Aero Hangar Cal Poly Shops - Here to help you Learn by Doing!

We are Hiring!

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our team. We seek highly motivated, knowledgeable students...

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Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Machine Shops! All majors are welcome to work in the shops. Before working, everyone must complete the Red Tag safety certification (see steps for signing up below).


1/31/23 -

WATER JET STATUS: The WaterJet is Fixed!!! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Link to the part submittal form. 

SHOP TECH APPLICATIONS: We are not hiring this quarter. Applications for Summer and Fall 2023 positions will be announced mid Spring quarter. Please return to this page for updates. 

1/21/2023 - Red Tag and Skills Training Reservations are OPEN!

Mustang '60 hours: MWF 10am-6pm

Hangar hours: TR 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm 

Walk-in Red Tag Tours and Intermediate Skills Trainings will be available through our Picktime link below. They begin week 3. 

Make sure to wear closed toed shoes and long pants in the shops at all times. 

Red Tag, Yellow Tag and Laser reservations are now active through the links found below. 

You do not need the physical License To Drill ID Card to access the shops. We can log you in without it!


Red tag | basic shop certification

1. Sign up for Canvas Course | Enroll in Canvas 
2. Complete Canvas Course
3. Sign up for a Red Tag tour | Picktime reservation system NOTE* do NOT sign up for a tour if you are attending during a class session
4. Attend the Red Tag tour | Wear closed toed shoes and long pants. View Red Tag Page for any other info

100 & 200 Level Skills Trainings | Skill based advanced shop certifications

1. Work in the shop for 2 hours
2. Complete 1 hour of shop cleanup | See shop tech for cleaning assignment 
3. Sign up for a 101/202 Training Session | Picktime reservation system
4. Attend the 101/202 Training Session | Wear closed toed shoes and long pants


Applications will open in Spring Quarter for Summer and Fall

Hiring info session: TBD Spring Quarter

Basic Requirements:
1. Yellow tag or Equivalent 101 Trainings
2. Time in the machine shop (50 Shop Hours recommended)

More information

WINTER QUARTER HOURS - January 17th - March 17th

  • Mustang '60: 
    • 10am - 6pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
  • Aero Hangar:
    • 10am - 6pm Tuesday & Thursday, 9am - 5pm Saturdays

All red tags take place in the Aero Hangar, Intermediate Trainings are held in both shops depending on subject



1. Prepare 2D .dxf file of part
2. Bring stock to Mustang 60 shop
3. Request Service | Waterjet Request Form

laser cutter

Reserve time on the laser cutter | Picktime reservation system


Personal Locker | Bring a combination lock to Mustang 60 and talk to a shop tech

Senior Project Cage | Bring a combination lock to Mustang 60 and talk to Eric Pulse

Senior Project Room | Contact for senior project room access

fee for service

You can request CNC parts to be made for school-related projects. Learn more

COVID-19 Information

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