Red Tag Tour

Note: Download the PDF Version, which includes equipment photos

Please watch this video before attending a Red Tag tour.

Safety Equipment Available for All users

  • Safety Glasses-for guests; you are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Face Shields
  • Welding Glasses/Goggles/Face Shields
  • Gloves           
  • Ear Plugs/Ear Muffs
  • Dust and Particle Masks

Red Tags

  • For students that have demonstrated competence on basic hand tool safety.
  • May need tool-specific instructions.
  • Expected to ask questions if in doubt about safety or operations or unfamiliar with a tool.

Red Tag Users

  • Must wear their Red Tag visibly at all times!
  • Are required to wear safety glasses all the time while in the building.
  • Must use Personal Protective Equipment when required. 
  • Must have their set-ups checked by a tech before beginning an operation.
  • May observe welding only while wearing eye protection of the proper shade, or may observe through the tinted curtains.
  • Must check in with a valid Cal Poly Student ID.
  • Must be currently enrolled at Cal Poly in any major.
  • Are expected to ask questions if in doubt about safety or operations or unfamiliar with a tool.

Red Tag Tool Safety


  • Red Tag users must always wear Safety Glasses while they are in the shop.
  • You must abide by all shop procedures and safety rules.
  • Wear your Red Tag so it is visible at all times!
  • If you don’t know how to use a tool, or don’t remember, ask a Shop Tech.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and Personal Protective Equipment for the job.
  • Clean grease and oil from hands before using tools to prevent slipping.
  • To prevent injury or damage to your project use only tools that are in good condition.
  • If you break a tool, stop using it and return it to a Shop Tech, (We won’t penalize you for accidental breakage, but we WILL if you hide the problem and compromise others’ safety).
  • Report any unsafe behavior to a Shop Tech.
  • Report any spills to a Shop Tech.
  • Immediately report all injuries, no matter how minor, to a Shop Tech.


For specific tool use please reference the downloadable Red Tag Tool manual.

Read the Shop Rules and Regulations prior to arriving for a tour.