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Red and Yellow Tag Test

Welcome to the mechanical engineering machine shops! All majors are welcome to work in the shops. Before working, everyone must complete the red tag safety certification (see steps for signing up below).



basic shop certification

Certification Process:

1. Sign up for Canvas Course | Enroll in Canvas 
2. Complete Canvas Course
3. Sign up for a red tag tour | Picktime reservation system
4. Attend the red tag tour | wear closed toed shoes and long pants

COVID NOTE: If you completed the Canvas course prior to July 2021, you must complete the current Canvas course before attending your tour. 

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advanced shop certification 

Certification Process:

1. Work in the shop for 2 hours
2. Complete 1 hour of shop cleanup | see shop tech for cleaning assignment 
3. Sign up for a yellow tag tour | Picktime reservation system
4. Attend the yellow tag tour | wear closed toed shoes and long pants

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CNC MACHINE certification 


1. Yellow Tag certification
2. >100 hours in the machine shop
3. Experience with manual machining and demonstration part
4. Letter of recommendation

Certification Process:

1. Find a CNC certified mentor
2. Fill out the blue tag application form 
3. Machine 3 unique parts with your mentor
4. Participate in an interview with the CNC Supervisor to get approved for the certification

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Where do tours take place?

All tours are given at the Hangar (Bldg. 004).

When are tours offered?

Tours are offered from Week 2 to Week 8. No tours are offered after Week 8.

Tours begin at 10 minutes past the hour. You will be turned away if you are late.

What should I wear to the tour?

You must wear pants and closed-toed shoes. You will be turned away without them.

You must not wear clothing or jewelry that dangles. (No necklaces, lanyards, or hoodies with strings).

You must tie back long hair.

What should I bring to the tour?

Bring a pencil, hair scrunchie (if needed), and Z87+ safety glasses (if you have them).

Can I get a yellow tag without a red tag?

No. The red tag introduces fundamental safety information and is required to get a yellow tag.

Where can I pick up my shop ID card?

You can pick up your Red Tag ID card after you've have completed the following steps:

  1. Completed the online portion of the Red Tag tour, including the quiz, and uploaded a photo on Canvas. 
  2. Completed your Red Tag tour and passed the Red Tag test (these are the in-person part of the Red Tag).

If we do not have your ID card at the time that you complete your Red Tag test, your ID card may not have been made yet. You can visit Mustang '60 during open hours to check if your ID has been printed.

Class Tours

Professors should contact Eric Pulse ( to make arrangements for class tours.

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