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Shop Tech Application 

We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. The success of the students who rely on the machine shops is influenced greatly by the quality of our employees. 

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Fall Quarter 2022 Hiring Dates

Information Session: October 17th, 5-6pm in Bonderson, Room 104

Application Deadline: October 25th

Hiring Decision Announcements: End of November. 

We are seeking individuals who are: 

  • A second or third year student 
  • Willing to learn 
  • Able to interpret questions and reference relevant resources to assist students in their projects 
  • Both Red and Yellow Tag certified (yellow tag is recommended, not required)
  • Minimum of 50 hours shop time preferred
  • Inclusive to all students regardless of machining experience, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation

Hiring Process

1. Apply: Fill out the online Application: Application Form

2. Interviews: we will contact you to schedule interviews so we can get to know you and hear about your shop experience. 

3. Onboarding: We will send an email to inform you about our hiring decisions. Following that, we will have an onboarding meeting to teach you about the logistics of the job and answer any questions you have.  

4. Training: We don't expect you to have knowledge about everything in the shop! Once hired, we will train you how to use all the equipment and be comfortable enough to teach others. 

    Photo of a student shop technician with safety glasses.All rookie technicians start by creating projects on all machines and performing maintenance work. This provides new hires the opportunity to become familiar with the machine shop and to develop their machining, welding, and woodworking skills. Once the technician has proven he or she is able to teach students how to use all of the equipment in the shop, they will be promoted and begin working with students. 

    Questions? Please contact the Lead Machine Shop Technician: Melina Ruano at 

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