Rules and Regulations

Shop Rules & Regulations

All students using the Student Projects Lab must have taken the Safety Tour and passed the Safety Exam. Any individual that exhibits a pattern of safety or procedure violations will be banned from use of the facility and reported to the department (advisor, instructor and/or Dean).

Use of machine shop tools, storage and work spaces is a privilege contingent upon compliance to the letter and spirit of the following rules and procedures. In the absence of a full time staff member, the Student Technicians will have authority to enforce all rules and regulations.

Report the Following to Technicians:

  • Any unsafe practices observed
  • Any equipment damaged or found to be defective
  • All injuries, no matter how minor
  • All chemical spills, no matter what the material

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

For all chemicals used or stored, bring in a copy of the current SDS forms for the on duty machine shop technician to read [For technical interpretation, see Campus Health and Safety. phone 6-6661].

Project Priority

  1.  Senior projects
  2.  Class projects 
  3.  Club projects 
  4.  All others

Unacceptable Projects

An unacceptable project is defined as:

  • Fixing your car
  • Manufacture of any item to be immidiately sold
  • Manufacture of any kind of weapon
  • Explosives or incendiaries of any kind
  • High Voltage electrical work

Please click the link to our contact page if you have any questions or concerns about the following information.

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