Rules and Regulations

Shop Rules & Regulations

Each student using the Student Projects Lab must acknowledge that use of the Student Projects Lab and its tools, storage and work spaces is a privilege contingent upon compliance to the letter and spirit of the following rules and procedures.

In the absence of a full time staff member, the Student Technicians will have authority to enforce all rules and regulations.

Please click the link to our contact page if you have any questions or concerns about the following information.

Access to Student Projects Lab

  • All students using the Student Projects Lab must be currently enrolled at Cal Poly in any major.
  • All guests must register at the Tool Crib when in the Hangar building. They will be issued a “Guest Tag” and eye protection that they must wear at all times while in the building.
  • All students using the Student Projects Lab must provide one hour of shop clean-up time once per quarter.
  • All students using the Student Projects Lab must have taken the Safety Tour and passed the Safety Exam.

Use of Student Projects Lab

  • No One May Work Alone At Any Time in the Student Projects Lab, not even Technicians.
  • All students agree to always ask a Technician to show them how to operate any tool or equipment in the Student Projects Lab that they have not used before.
  • All students agree to always ask a Technician if they don’t know, don’t remember, or are unclear on safety procedures or operation of any equipment or processes. (If it’s still confusing, ask again!)
  • Consideration will be given to projects that are near deadline dates, but Technicians are not obligated to give those projects priority.

Project Priority

  •  Senior projects have first priority
  •  Class projects have second priority
  •  Club projects have third priority
  •  All others are fourth priority

Unacceptable Projects

An unacceptable project is defined as:

  • Fixing your car
  • Building something to help finance your way through school.
  • Manufacture of any kind of weapon. 
  • Explosives or incendiaries of any kind
  • High Voltage electrical work

If you have a Personal project that isn’t acceptable in our facility, we suggest you check with the ASI Craft Center—Personal projects are allowed there!


All students must understand and comply with safety rules and procedures. Safety glasses and hearing protection are provided for visits to the Lab. If you come frequently, you’ll want to supply your own. 

All students will wear appropriate clothing for the work that they are doing.

  • Shorts, open-toed shoes and excessively loose clothing are inappropriate.
  • Jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, etc.) must be removed while in the shop.
  • Long hair must be tiedup into a bun or in a hair net BEFORE entering the shop.

Label all containers clearly as to their contents. If mixed, list all materials in the mix. Food containers (soft drink cans, water bottles, food boxes, etc.) may not be used to store any materials that could be ingested by mistake. Putting a label on it DOES NOT make it O.K.!

Any unsafe practices observed must be immediately reported to a Technician.

Any equipment damaged or found to be defective must immediately be taken out of service and reported to a Technician.

Injuries and Emergencies

  • All injuries, no matter how minor, must immediately be reported to a Technician.
  • All chemical spills, no matter what the material, or how minor, must immediately be reported to a Technician.

Hazardous Materials

  • Use of any hazardous material is contingent upon permission from an Electro-Mechanical Technician [Jim] and ultimately from Campus Health and Safety. [For technical interpretation, see Campus Health and Safety. phone 66661]
  • Notify the Electro-Mechanical Technicians [Eric] and your Faculty Advisor about any Hazardous or Toxic chemicals you anticipate using. GET PERMISSION BEFORE you order them.
  • Notify the Electro-Mechanical Technician of any hazardous waste that needs to be disposed. A determination will be made as to the appropriate method of disposal and who will perform the disposal.
  • Individuals that dispose of hazardous materials inappropriately will be banned from using the Student Projects Lab and the Hangar. The violation will be reported to the Department (advisor, instructor and/or Dean) and to Campus Health and Safety

Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

All students must read, understand and follow SDS’s (Faculty Advisor’s responsibility). [For technical interpretation, see Campus Health and Safety. phone 6-6661].

You must provide an SDS for every chemical or material used, toxic or not! Provide three copies of current SDS forms for all chemicals used or stored (one for the Student Projects Lab office, one for your Faculty Advisor and one for yourself).


  • Make sure your work areas are clean after use.
  • Return all tools to the Tool Crib when not in use.

Hour of Clean Up

In order to get access to the shop, you must provide a minimum of ONE HOUR of Shop Clean-Up per quarter, ONLY IF YOU COME IN AND WORK IN THE SHOPS during that quarter.

  • If you don't sign-in and work in the Shops, you didn't get them dirty, so you don't have to do an Hour Shop Clean-Up that quarter.
  • If you have been using the shops and FAIL to do your hour of clean up, the NEXT TIME you go to use the Shops, we will require you to do TWO (2) Hours of clean-up BEFORE we let you use the Shops at all!
  • When you have accumulated 10 hours of time in each of the shops each quarter, you will be asked to schedule or do your hour clean-up in that shop at that time. Be prepared!
  • *Beginning (See the date above), you cannot work in the Shops unless you have completed your Hour Clean-Up duty!

    (Do your clean-ups early in the quarter-we save the really grundgy jobs for the end!)

Note: If you sign-in and work in the Shop, you must provide one hour of clean-up in the Shop by either dropping in to the Shop sometime during the first 5 weeks of that same quarter or by signing up for a Scheduled Hour Clean Up during that quarter.

So, if you work 10 hours in each of the Shops, (10 in the Hangar and 10 in Mustang '60)  you must provide one hour of clean-up in each shop for a total of 2 hours of clean-up.

The half-hour period at the end of the day where everyone cleans together DOES count for this, and should be taken advantage of. 


  • The Student Projects Lab does not supply materials.
  • If the Student Projects Lab does not have a tool, it is your responsibility to rent or buy it.
  • Any abuse of tools observed must immediately be reported to a Technician.
  • Any individual that exhibits a pattern of safety or procedure violations will be banned from use of the facility and reported to the department (advisor, instructor and/or Dean).

Be safe so you can have fun and finish on time!

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