Gear Head 2

Students: Adam Menashe

Adam Menashe is a 3rd year shop Tech who took a liking to personalizing motorcycles. He had been riding since he was 4 years old and decided he wanted to get a Café Racer (1987 BMW R65) the summer after his first year at Cal Poly. Luckily, his parents own a machine shop containing 2 waterjet cutting machines, which allowed him to fabricate the aluminum additions intermittently through the summer when he wasn't working on parts for customers. A waterjet cutting machine works similar to a laser cutter to produce any 2D profiles. Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) program, they shoot water and sand at 60,000 psi through a small orifice to cut materials, essentially using an accelerated version of the same erosion process that carved the Grand Canyon.

All the aluminum parts on Adam’s bike were anodized in light gray. Anodizing is a process of controlled oxidation, commonly used to help strengthen and protect aluminum from corrosion. It can also add a splash of color to the part by including a dyed layer of oxide. The custom aluminum parts include headlight, tail light, seat, mirror mounts, turn signals, gas cap cover, decals, and custom paint job all with a theme he has named Gearhead 2.

This project allowed Adam to gain experience in the family business. Adam's dad designed a gear theme (Gearhead 1) for his own personalized BMW that inspired Adam to make one of his own (Gearhead 2). ”Like with any project, it's never really done.” He hopes to keep improving by making more parts with the CNC mills and lathes in our Cal Poly Machine Shops. He has also learned the importance of aesthetics through this ongoing project. He now enjoys and tries to apply the concept to every design moving forward as an engineer. Adam would love to continue this type of work in the future.