This is Alec Bialek, one of our 4th year shop techs, dressed up with his sidekick, R2D2. After attending a Star Wars convention in Florida his freshman year and seeing many R2 units with their creators, he was inspired to build one of his own.

Gear Head 2

Adam Menashe is a 3rd year shop Tech who took a liking to personalizing motorcycles. He had been riding since he was 4 years old and decided he wanted to get a Café Racer (1987 BMW R65) the summer after his first year at Cal Poly. Luckily, his parents own a machine shop containing 2 waterjet cutting machines, which allowed him to fabricate the aluminum additions intermittently through the summer when he wasn't working on parts for customers. A waterjet cutting machine works similar to a laser cutter to produce any 2D profiles. Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) program, they shoot water and sand at 60,000 psi through a small orifice to cut materials, essentially using an accelerated version of the same erosion process that carved the Grand Canyon.