Student Shop Technician

Company: Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Machine Shops
Posted: Dec. 10, 2016

Shop Tech Application

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our team. We seek highly motivated, know

ledgeable students who are welcoming and love helping others. The success of the students who rely on the machine shops is influenced greatly by the quality of our employees.

A successful applicant will be:

  • A second or third year student.
  • Willing to learn how to use every machine in our facility to a level of proficiency that will allow them to teach it. 
  • Eager to advance both through the ranks of tech and as a student in terms of broadening their own abilities.
  • Able to interpret questions and reference relevant resources to assist students in their projects.
  • Comfortable and Capable of working with students of all skill levels in a machine shop environment. 

All new technicians start as Rookie Techs, performing project work, becoming more familiar with operations, and developing their skills. Once promoted to Junior Tech level, student employees begin working with students in a more direct fashion while still completing project work. Most of our Techs quickly move up to the Senior Tech level, working almost exclusively helping students on the shop floor. The most driven Senior Techs become supervisors of a specialty area such as CNC, Maintenance, Inventory, Scheduling, or Safety.

If you are interested in becoming a student tech make sure you spend a lot of time in the shops so we can get to know you! Once you are comfortable in our machine shops, please fill out the form below:

Student Shop Technician Application