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What is a Shop Technician? 

A Shop Technician is a student of the ME Department responsible for the safety and education of our customers. 

Our job encompasses several facets of keeping the shops operation, including: 

  • Maintaining equipment 
  • Introducing students to new techniques 
  • Instructing our visitors about required safety techniques 
  • Allowing students to experience the whole cycle of manufacturing 

Safety First! 

It is our job to ensure every customer uses our machines safely and confidently. All technicians are trained on every machine available for general use and are CPR/First Aid certified. 

Questions and Problem-Solving 

We are available to teach students and staff how to properly use machinery and are a great resource for advice on manufacturing prototypes. 

Shop Tech Application Form 

Attach a current resume and a headshot; submit the application no later than the end of Week 3 of the quarter to be eligible for the following quarter. 

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